Baby Barrier Pool Fencing

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While there is no substitute for parental supervision, the original BABY BARRIER safety system can help to minimize the occurrence of accidents. The BABY BARRIER® Pool Fence is available with a self-latching and self-closing gate, forming a solid wall of protection around water, which keeps kids safer.

For maximum support, the BABY BARRIER fencing uses extruded extra thick-walled aluminum poles and metal reinforcement at the base. The poles are installed 30 or 36 inches apart. Special double stitched border-edging is added to all four sides of each panel and strengthened with our unique heavy-duty nylon cording along the top and bottom of the fence.

Since you can clearly see through the BABY BARRIER® mesh, views are not obstructed, while children, toys and pets are kept safe. Our mesh is sealed with weather resistant PVC coating and carries a Ten Year Prorated Warranty.