Auto Close Configure Gate

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The Auto Close ConfigureGate® provides maximum safety for use in any extra wide or odd shaped area. All joints rotate; setting individual sections to the ideal angle, and then easily lock in place for a secure attachment. The 30" door section can be placed anywhere within the layout and the unique handle design on the 23" two-way extra wide door applies Magnet-Lock Technology, a dual magnet design that automatically draws the door closed and guarantees it locks each and every time. The ConfigureGate® also has a hold open feature, that suspends the auto close function until the door is pushed closed. The original 3 piece ConfigureGate® will fit an 86” opening and an unlimited number of additional 9” and 24” sections can be added to fit any desired length or to make a freestanding enclosure. Each section is hinged with a rotating joint to allow for a custom set up. Quick release hardware allows for easy removal when needed

. - Available in white or black

- Heavy duty steel construction

- Non-toxic powder coat paint



- Optional Extensions: G4300/G4301 = 9" and G4310/G4311 = 24"; unlimited number of extensions can be added