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  • HOME SAFETY. 8 PC furniture tipping restraint gives parents and homeowners peace of mind; child proofing dresser and tv makes for secure furniture even in the most unexpected of circumstances.

  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE. Imagine anchoring your furniture with ease; Hassle free installation for furniture safety and child proofing; adjustable tv straps are easy to install and easy to use.

  • HEAVY DUTY. Anti-tip safety straps are made with strong plastic for added protection; dresser anchor holds firm during natural disasters with earthquake restraints. Feel at ease knowing that your furniture is anchored.

  • FURNITURE SAFETY UNMATCHED. Securing your furniture has never been easier nor more effective; Anchoring straps offer strong hold while tv tether is adjustable offering great reach; customizable to your home.

  • CHILD PROOFING GIFT. Baby proofing white tv tether secures flat-screen effectively; danger lurks within the home, give the gift of safety. Wonderful baby shower gift set for parents and children.